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Ecofoam Trade Packs



Ecofoam Trade Packs



Product Code


A82EPBB9N Brownbuilt 900 narrow tip profile
A82EPBB9W Brownbuilt 900 wide tip profile
A82EPCIRC Circular corrugated profile
A84HKLW/N Cliplok
A82EPVRI Dimond V rib profile
A82EPTDN High Five
A82EPLT7N LT7 narrow tip profile
A82EPLT7W LT7 wide tip profile
A82EPMC7N MC700 narrow tip profile
A82EPMC7W MC700 wide tip profile
A82EPMETN Metric/Windek narrow tip profile
A82EPMETW Metric/Windek wide tip profile
A82ECFMOND Mini Onduline
A82EPMSN Multispan narrow tip profile*
A82EPMSW Multispan wide tip profile*
A82EPOND Onduline profile
A82EPSRN Six rib narrow tip profile
A82EPSRW Six rib wide tip profile
A82EPSPA Spandek profile
A82EPSSN Steelspan 900 narrow tip profile*
A82EPSSW Steelspan 900 wide tip profile*
A82EPTDN Styleline
A84HTSPN Top Span Narrow*
A84HTSPW Top Span Wide*
A82EPTDN Trimdek narrow tip profile
A82EPTDW Trimdek wide tip profile
A82EPTLN Trimline narrow tip profile
A82EPTLW Trimline wide tip profile
A84HWB Weatherboard Superclad
A82ES1212 12 x 12mm square
A82ES2020 20 x 20mm square
A82ES2512 25 x 12mm square
A82ES2525 25 x 25mm square
A82ES3030 30 x 30mm square
A82ES3838 38 x 38mm square
A82ES5012 50 x 12mm square
A82ES5025 50 x 25mm square
A82ES5050 50 x 50mm square


* Widths of 40mm, all others 20mm



Special sizes, widths, and profiles are available. When profiles are made to order, delivery times may be affected.


Please contact us and specify what you need. We’ll confirm availability for you.


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